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custom aluminium doors and windows for residential and commercial

We are a company that is primarily concerned with building custom aluminium doors and windows for residential customers and commercial establishments. We’ve been operating this family business for more than 37 years, and we have built a good reputation for developing up- market and high end quality products for both the domestic/ commercial market.

Highest quality custom aluminium doors and windows for residential customers and commercial establishments

We’ve received a lot of great recommendations and feedback from our many customers, and that is because we place a lot of emphasis on buying quality Australian made products at every opportunity. You can trust that your new products will stay in the best shape possible for many years to come.

We make sure that the doors and windows with build, are products of great workmanship and top-notch materials and pride ourselves on quality and be assured your products are built to last in Adelaide Australian conditions. We have a range of glazing options available to suit your energy requirements. Adelaide’s Cove Aluminium windows and doors has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect window or door to suit your energy efficiency requirements.

The aluminium doors, windows and services we offer

  • Whole Window Replacement
  • Window Installation
  • Door Installation
  • Frame Installation

We can also build the following windows and door products:

  • Awning Windows
  • Bi Fold Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Double Glazed Windows
  • Louvre Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Aluminium Windows
  • Automatic Doors
  • Bi Fold Doors
  • Entry Doors
  • French Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Aluminium Doors

We can also build shop doors and shop fronts.

Wide range of energy efficient glass products

We can provide customers with a wide range of energy efficient glass products. Whether it be a double glazed domestic window to be used in a window replacement job or new aluminium doors to be supplied for a new home.

We are one of the only Adelaide based companies that supply the level of aluminium window and door products for the average man, and the products speak for themselves.

Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide

Window and door installations of many different brands and types:

View-max aluminium window

Our most common products are the View-max window;

Maximum View – Unlimited Possibilities

The View-Max® window offers unparallel levels of flexibility by allowing designers and architects the choice of 76mm (Derwent) or 101.6mm (McArthur) framing to cater for both the slimline applications and those of a more robust commercial design.

The View-Max® window offers the flexibility of single and double glazing options. The View-Max® integrates a number of design initiatives unique to Alspec® such as the proprietary locking, roller and drainage systems.

Developed specifically for multi-storey residential and architecturally designed housing View-Max® windows offer superior weather, thermal and acoustic performance.

Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide

Altitude® Sliding Doors – our semi commercial sliding door

Our semi commercial sliding door is the Altitude® Sliding Door which has been specifically designed with the latest trends in architecture in mind. The door allows architects and designers the ability to achieve expansive openings without the need to compromise on performance or aesthetics.

Specifying the Alspec® Altitude® Sliding Door ensures the client receives a stylish, high performance product.

Designed by Alspec® to meet the extremes of the Australian environment, the Altitude® Apartment Sliding Door is the premier choice by architects, builders, home owners and fabricators when looking for a great sliding door.

Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide

ProGlide® – the Commercial aluminium Sliding Door

Our full commercial version is the ProGlide® is an update of the Commercial Sliding Door featuring new sill sections for both Double and Triple Track and a number of new sash options that allow for thicker glass, double glazing and an on site glazing option.

The major changes include new sill sections with drop in tracks which can easily be replaced if damaged or worn and their unique design covers the unsightly drainage slots in the sills with the added benefit of increased water performance. All existing hollow sills continue to be available for applications where a sub sill is not used. 

Gutter sills in both double and triple track versions are now available for flush sill applications and these incorporate an aluminium, or stainless steel grate to drain surface water.

A comprehensive range of sash options are now available for ProGlide®:

  • Existing SG sashes for 5mm – 10.38mm glass
  • New sashes with 18mm wide pockets to accept glass up to 14mm
  • New DG sashes for 18mm – 25mm IGU’s
  • Glazing adaptor and rail for 28mm IGU’s
  • New deep pocket SG sashes for onsite glazing 5mm – 6.76mm wet glazed on site
  • New onsite DG sashes for 18mm, 24mm and 25mm IGU’s wedge glazed using “eco” range of gaskets

Sill and sash for aluminium sliding doors

These new sill and sash options add to a comprehensive list of features and benefits of the ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door. These include a wide range of interlocks combinations to meet height and wind load requirements, standard lock stiles that accept face fix or mortice locks, wide stile options catering for special locks, highlite and screening options.

These ongoing developments will ensure that the ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door remains at the forefront of sliding door design.

Hawkesbury® bi- fold doors

If it’s a bi- fold aluminium doors your are after we build the Hawkesbury® which has been designed with large floor to ceiling applications in mind, the Hawkesbury® Multi-Fold Door Range combine full sized commercial perimeter framing with specially designed commercial door stiles. A functional alternative to traditional door units in lighter commercial and residential applications the Hawkesbury® E2 and E3 Door Range removes the barriers to allow flow between indoor and outdoor living. Whether the doors are open in fine weather or securely fastened into place as sturdy impenetrable walls, the Alspec® Hawkesbury® Door is the only choice.

Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide
Cove Aluminium windows & doors Adelaide

Top-rolling aluminium door operation for smooth trouble-free operation

High Performance Hardware

Powered by exclusive hardware from Centor Architectural the Hawkesbury® Door features top-rolling operation for smooth, trouble-free operation whether configured for inward or outward stacking or with an odd or even number of door stiles. Tyred floor guides run effortlessly in channels neatly concealed beneath closed doors, while effective Weatherseal technology keeps wind, rain and cold air where it belongs. The stabilising centre hinge controls door stile deflection and bowing on tall doors, whilst the exclusive Surelock™ system allows for simple vertical height adjustment with a screwdriver.

For a commercial door we use the Torrens door from Alspec is a widely used 45mm commercial shopfront door. The door can be used in a hinged, pivoted or sliding applications.

Frame sections feature snap on beads to all sides and is suitable for a range of glass thicknesses.

Alpsec® Swan Evo™ aluminium commercial shopfront door

Or the Alpsec® Swan Evo™ 45mm/70mm Commercial Door is a versatile shopfront door that is easy to fabricate and install. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the Swan Evo™ 45mm Commercial Door can be used in hinged, pivoted or sliding configurations. The Swan Evo™ 70mm Commercial Door can be used in hinged configurations. The Swan Evo™ integrates seamlessly with the Alspec® commercial framing systems.

Featuring a new and improved clamping spigot set, for superior performance and easy fitment, integrated heal and toe block and captive glazing option, the Swan Evo™ provides the ideal solution where superior operation and performance is required. Glazing could not be simpler with the colour coded wedges from standard Alspec® systems being utilised to deal with the many diverse glass options.

We manufacture the security doors with durable stainless steel mesh

If you require a security door we manufacture the SecureView. The SecureView security mesh is a durable and reliable product that provides ultimate security and strength, clear unobstructed views, all without compromising your buildings aesthetics. This unique product is made from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel, with a thin impenetrable mesh measuring 0.8mm, which has been expertly woven and includes an extruded aluminium frame using a patented fixing method. SecureView has a high resistance to corrosion, embers and flying debris that offers superior protection, unlike it’s 304 stainless steel counterpart.

The chemical bonding technology that is used to create these screens is the same as that in Commercial Aircraft construction, so you can be assured that this product will last the test of time and be durable under duress. SecureView is available in a variety of colours and effects, that will allow you to express your personal style, whilst knowing that you have provided your home or business with superior security.

Along with the above mentioned features, SecureView is fitted with a three-point locking system that surpasses Australian Standards (AS5039-2008). SecureView will offer any home or building ultimate security without compromising on style and sophistication. You can be rest-assured knowing that this premium product will allow you to experience our Australian Climate in its full beauty, whilst providing you with the peace of mind that your family and/or belongings are safe.

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custom aluminium doors and windows for residential and commercial